Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

Scorpio Crazy for Cancer

July 30, 2004



I have a fairly simple question, is it possible that specific planets can be involved with afflictions? I'm a Scorpio with eyes consistently for Cancers. Is this just a crazy coincidence? Or is there really something there?





Dear Jen,

It's neither crazy nor a coincidence if you ask me. There are all kinds of interesting relating patterns involving astrology. You can find them in families, amongst your lovers, and within your circle of friends. My father and both of the important therapists in my life all have Aquarius moons. My mother and many important women in my life have Capricorn moons. These kinds of patterns point to various dimensions of the reality of astrology, and to interesting soul patterns we need to work out.


If you are drawn to Cancer Sun people, I suggest you get to know your chart and see where that magnetism is. You are likely to have the Sun, Moon or an important angle -- the rising or setting sign, or one of your lunar nodes -- in Cancer that could be serving as a point of attraction. As well, if one of your parents has something strong in Cancer, there could be a resonance there as well.


Or you could just be drawn to these sensitive, cuddly types of people. Cuddle away!