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Date for Caesarian for Twins


July 30, 2004


Hello Eric:

I am expecting twins very soon and (for medical reasons) will have a planned Caesarian. At the moment, this will take place on 29th July but there is every possibility I can change the date. This puts me in a quandary -- it seems somehow wrong to attempt to calculate when would be the best time for their birth, but I also feel I should not just ignore this aspect. Do you have any thoughts about this? Any comments much appreciated.

Jo, Germany



Dear Jo,

By now you're likely to have given birth to your twins, so this response is a bit more academic than it will be practical. But in terms of choosing the natal chart of one's children, you raise an ethical issue of epic proportions. Can we really pick the best chart? But does it make any sense to have the person who schedules the operating room make the decision arbitrarily?


It would seem silly to be aware of astrology and not consult the art if you are doing something so important as a Caesarian birth. But were I your astrologer, I would be a lot less inclined to cast the astrology as a custom birth chart and much more inclined to make sure that we had the best possible chart for the surgery itself. The two would be unlikely to conflict. But I think that surgery is something calling for careful examination of planetary influences along with careful exploration of the reasons for the procedure. This has been one of the time-honored uses of astrology going back to the beginning. Sometimes it is even possible to get the hospital to play along with the game.


Were I your astrologer, I also would advise whole-heartedly that you seek the counsel of two different midwives to get non-medical (Wise Woman tradition) opinions on the presumed necessity of the c-section. Most c-sections are in fact unnecessary and are done for a variety of reasons other than medical ones. Because the delivery could take place in a hospital birthing room, there could be a surgical team standing by close at hand in the event that the c-section became necessary. And there are times when it surely is indicated.

I wish you the best, and a speedy recovery.