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Mercury and the Elections


August 13, 2004


Dear Eric:

In Planet Waves this week, you mention that Mercury will station direct on the last day of the Republican Convention. This makes me nervous, remembering that Mercury also stationed direct on the day of the 2000 election, and, well, we all know what happened... any predictions on what the fallout will be this time, or is the convention too far from the election (and too much of an empty media circus) for the Mercury movements to have much effect?





Dear Chris,

The Bush Presidency has been the Mercury Presidency. Every time something interesting happens, Mercury is in the picture in some prominent way. It is indeed true that Mercury stationed direct just hours after the presidential election ended in Florida that bizarre Tuesday in 2000. For those who fancy the details, it stationed after dipping into Libra (scales, balance, justice) by about five arc minutes -- a tiny fraction of a degree -- giving some excellent imagery of something hanging in the balance by a thread.


The whole sequence of events in 2000 was, by the way, predicted by the astrologer Jim Shawvan on several months in advance, as accurately as if he were reading USA Today of the future. Poke around that site and you'll find it.


In addition, Mercury that day was in a close conjunction to Pallas Athene, the asteroid of politics and law. If that is truly the time that the Bush presidency was born, and I would say it is, then Mercury's role in that chart is Athenian: representing wisdom and protection. I say this despite all appearances to the contrary. When the whole business comes undone, Mercury will be standing there laughing.


There have been many examples of prominent Mercury charts, particularly the Sept. 11 attacks, in which Mercury was exactly rising. Look at how much of the truth has come out about that fiasco in the three years since it happened. The only issue is whether people believe it. But the truth itself? That is well known.


Looking at the astrology of the Republican National Convention, Mercury stations direct in dramatic Leo the morning of the convention's last day, Sept. 2. Let's be simple. There is a late development. There is something that appears one way all throughout, then becomes another. The same is likely to be true for the entire Bush presidency itself.


One of the most serious issues of the convention is the way the media will handle the vast protests that are going to follow these old wizards and warlocks to Manhattan. There are an expected quarter-million protestors who will be there, many of them New Yorkers. New York City is not going to climb into a caged-in "free speech zone." If I know anything about the place, and I was born and raised there so maybe I do, it's going to protest the old fashioned way, loudly and in Central Park whether Mayor Bloomberg likes it or not.


But these events can be grossly distorted by the media, becoming something they are not. I am concerned that some kind of dirty trick will be played, for example, people being placed in the crowd specifically to make trouble. So everyone is going to need to play it really cool. And for the best source of news, I recommend, which will be covering the convention from both inside and outside.


It is certainly going to be interesting astrology to watch unfold; at least we have that clue. It's always fun to speculate, but then you need to see what happens and learn from that. I have by the way done an article that looks at the inauguration chart and the election chart, and that will be posted to my homepage soon. Here is something that you may find helpful; it touches on the elections, which are, by the way, well under the influence of the Venus transit of the Sun: