Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

Searching for Contentment...

July 23, 2004


Thanks for your insight with this Eric.

I am a Cancer Sun, Aquarius Moon, and Gemini ascendant born July 11, 1960 at 2:11am in Dallas, Texas, USA. I have done many different things in life to pay the bills (Fraud Investigator, Sales, Horticultural Landscape Designer, Executive Administrative Assistant, Receptionist, Accountant, etc.) and nothing ever seems to bring me a quiet spirit and contentment.


They have all felt like I had to compromise an aspect of my personality and who I am...and I always feel like I haven't achieved my something is missing....and I continue searching. The problem is I don't have a clue what I'm searching for really...except that contentment with myself professionally...and what I do day in and day out. I'd like to look forward to each day, instead of counting the hours until they are done and my life is my own again.


I just finished school for massage therapy. Right now I'm excited about it, but I dread that the old feelings will return and that I will feel like I have hit another dead end. Is this going to be what I have been looking for? Is this my niche in the world? Why do I feel this way?


So tired of this dilemma Eric...




Dear Janie,

Yes, here in the Western World, work has much to do with the meaning of life. I don't think it's a particularly good idea for astrologers to tell people what to do, but I can tell you this. Your house of career has Aquarius on the cusp. This is the 10th house, as opposed to your 6th house, which deals more with our everyday work. This is a distinction that needs to be made in both life and astrology. When we want to know about the work we're really supposed to do to participate in the culture most actively, we need to focus on the 10th.


This is not so easy as it sounds, because when we work in the 10th, we must take the risk of being visible, of acquiring actual power, and of making decisions that will have consequences, including for other people. Living in the 10th means not being content with littleness, but then, you're something of a natural leader, so this should not be a problem.


Aquarius on that house, with the Moon of all things present there, tells me that if you're not pursuing a truly humanitarian career, you're unlikely to find it satisfying. This is confirmed by the fact that your Sun, Venus and Mercury are in Cancer, which suggests that you have a deep need to be a supportive person within the human family -- a giver rather than a taker.


But the complication I see involves Mars. We need Mars to get anything done in life: to get to work, to relate to people, to hold our ground, to have sex, to make money. You have Mars in your 12th house. This tells me it's challenging for you to find your initiative. It tells me you may have more initiative in your ideas than in your life.


Mars is passion. I personally think that the key to resolving the kind of dilemma you have is carefully identifying what your passion is and then going in that direction as regards work. What is the one thing in life that you absolutely must do?


That is probably what you need to do, even if you're really scared.