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Relationship Chance?


July 23, 2004


Hello Eric!

This year, my progressed Sun will be aspecting my natal Mars (sextile). In the meantime, transiting Pluto will be entering my 5th house and opposing my natal Sun in the 11th. Progressed Moon will conjoin MC, and Jupiter will conjoin Mars in the 2nd. I'm wondering if all that could cause some changes in my emotional life. I'm asking that, because one person, that I'm very attracted to, has transiting Uranus on his Venus (which is the ruler of 7th) and transiting Neptune trines his Moon (in 7th) -- those two aspects will last until next year. Do you think that we could start a relationship, when my progressed Venus and his progressed Mars also aspect each other (sextile)? Thank you for your answer!




Dear Eva,

Have you asked this beau who has caught your attention out on a date? The trick to astrology is always to go beyond the astrology. That means laying your heart on the line, just a little, and telling this man how you feel. It's a lot more thrilling than looking at astrology charts!