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Problems for Pisces?

July 16, 2004


Hi Eric:

I am a Piscean, born on 18th March 1971. I have been with my partner (a Tauran) since I was 19 years old, we have been together for 14 years in total but married only for 4 years. Things have gone pear shaped and I am back at home living with my mum after being away from home since I was 21. I don't really know what went wrong within my relationship except I do feel I am a typical Piscean where I put him on a pedestal and completely before myself in all matters (even moving to Northern Ireland) and giving up my friends and family and job to go there to try and make him happy. I self-sacrificed all the way. Obviously my lesson in this is to not ever do that again: not to put someone else before me all the time.


I note from your horoscopes that Pisces has Uranus and Venus/Jupiter in their sign at present which presents a lot of change. Can you let me know if this change is for the better as I do not seem to be able to move on and I feel adrift at the moment.


Thank you for reading this e-mail and I hope you get a chance to reply.





Dear Jane,

It was Piscean George Harrison who said that "all things must pass." Fourteen years is a long time for a relationship in a world where so much moves so fast, and where there is so much pressure on people to change and grow.


Yet it would seem that this relationship was supported by your putting your own growth and change second to that of your partner; and this will only last so long.

Now you get to embark on a new phase of your life.


After so many years of one basic pattern, it is natural and healthy to have a time of re-orientation when a relationship changes. I would propose that it would be about right for that reorientation to last a year or two. And, without the structure of your relationship around you, and all its commitments and expectations, I could certainly empathize with your life feeling very much adrift during that time.


This is the time not to rush yourself; this is the time to feel your process unfold naturally and give yourself some space to be yourself and discover who that is.

As for the astrology, Uranus is definitely in Pisces and this is shaking things up for all fish people. Even though you are born at the end of Pisces and Uranus is at the beginning, this will still hold true, since an entire sign can easily be activated by such a huge transit. There are other points in your chart that are picking up the disruptive, inventive, creative and electrifying energy of Uranus as well.


Venus, however, is in Gemini, and Jupiter is in Virgo. That does not discount them as factors in your equation. But to me the most interesting fact you've stated is that your relationship lasted 14 years. That is exactly one-half of a Saturn cycle. Saturn is all about the structures that we live with, survive with, and create for protection. When Saturn reaches the halfway point in any cycle (or the return, at 28-29 years) there is a natural restructuring that often occurs.


Since you were in this relationship at the time of your Saturn return around 2000-2001, I would count your current experience as a late Saturn return: the most important maturing point in the lives of young adults. Meanwhile, before all those Saturn structures take shape in the outer world, you have some inner exploration to do, getting to know yourself out of the context of a relationship you've been in a long time. Take your time and find out who you are.