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Water and More Water (Signs)


July 2, 2004


Hi Eric:

So if a person has a Cancer Sun and Cancer rising sign, does that make it double the energy for the day? I also have a Pisces Moon with a grand trine of my Moon, Sun and fifth house Scorpio. Just read all the water signs for the day?






Dear KEW,

I have too many theories about this, but I promise to keep my answer to under 25,000 words. Let me also state that it is or was the stated position of Maestro Jonathan that you should only read your Sun sign, but I think he may have changed his mind. As a devotee of a select few horoscope columns, that's what I personally do (usually). I also write the things and, you might say, program them to work for the Moon and rising signs. Does it matter that I have this intention? Why not. And, by the way, I have not discussed this with other writers. But I'm going to take a wild guess and figure that (at least around these parts) horoscope writers assume people are going to read their rising sign and probably their Moon. Then they write their column just like normal and send it out with the thought that if it works for people, cool, if not, cool.


From the sound of things, you've got some astrological curiosity going, and the best thing you can do with that is experiment. Personally I think that a good Sun-sign horoscope column is a fine way to begin the serious study of astrology, particularly if you are curious about how astrologers interpret. You can study the water signs for related themes and perspectives, for example. In reading your Moon sign (Pisces) consider how the interpretation relates to your needs and your sense of safety.


All the signs in any given horoscope column are generally written from the same chart -- that day's. So there will be something in common by default. You can get fancy and use an astrological date book and see if you can find pictures in the day's aspects that match what you are reading in various columns. I've had lots of fun collecting the work of different writers the same day and seeing how they approach the same day's chart (for example, comparing five Aries horoscopes from the same day). Sometimes it's rather shocking the similar themes that the writers are picking up on -- sometimes even similar language. Do this for a while and you will become an astrologer before you know it.


Not everyone is game for this, however, and you may just be curious about how to make the most out of a good Sun-sign column. Astrology is a form of divination. Divination is intended to give specific information. In this respect, consistency helps. So if you look to one particular sign every day, you're more likely to have a coherent experience of that writer's work. One way to look at a horoscope column is like drawing a Tarot card. It helps if you have a question in mind, or are looking for information about a specific situation.


As for being Cancer Sun plus Cancer rising: that is called emphasis, and one thing this fact places emphasis on is your Pisces Moon. I suggest you learn the aspects of your Moon and do a little research, seeking as many viewpoints as possible. I can assure you it will be both interesting and fulfilling. There are, I am noticing, a lot of people who read this web page who are ready to develop their study of astrology -- they are quite ready to get a copy of their natal chart and to begin exploring. I recommend getting as many viewpoints as possible. Studying astrology is a trip. Let me know if you agree.