Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

Cancerian Sink or Swim


June 25, 2004


Dear Eric:


As a Cancer I am wondering if I will sink or swim under the current Saturn transit, I waiver between both. A 28 year relationship ends, my home and beloved garden have to go, a new career bubbles but as I look towards my birthday I see conjunctions, weighty ones at that. The transiting Saturn/Sun will sit on my natal Saturn/Sun conjunction just as Venus goes direct conjoining my natal Uranus, added to this mix a transiting Mars/Mercury conjunction will hit my natal Mercury/Pluto conjunction. For good measure, a few days after this transiting Jupiter conjuncts my natal Jupiter which, fortunately (I hope), trines my Mars/Moon conjunction in Taurus (10th house).


Phew, I would really appreciate your much-valued opinion.





Dear Penny,


That's a lot of transits. Behold! Something is up. And obviously they are not going to leave you sitting still. Your relationship began at a Saturn return and it is transitioning at a Saturn return; that is important data. There is a career development at the same time, not surprisingly. You are a Cancer and you're growing in to a new shell. What you are describing is the classic "I've outgrown my life, and I'm still growing" set-up.


Since you know some astrology, I suggest you look at the Saturn squares and opposition during the 28 years of your relationship and see if you can track a progression of events leading to this day. It's very significant that this transition is occurring at a Saturn return, and that you are a Sun-Saturn individual.


You mention a lot of planets in your note but you have not mentioned Pluto. I think that when we're at one of these enormous evolutionary leaps, as you seem to be, Pluto is always going to be an important player, and it may help solve any mystery we see. It can reveal where the most growth is happening. And since 2002, Chiron has been in the process of opposing your Sun and Saturn, from Capricorn. That may signify the beginning of the rapid-change process you're now in, particularly as involves your relationship.


But hey these are some important, beautiful transits, and you're certainly at a place in your understanding of astrology where you can make the most of them. When times get big, though, study the slow-movers -- Saturn through Pluto. They tell the deeper story.