Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

Scorpio with Cancerian Ex


June 17, 2004


Dear Eric,


I'm a female Scorpio desperately seeking answers to why my six-year relationship with a male Cancer ended two years ago. This was his decision, not mine. I can't seem to let this go and continue on hoping he'll return and we will have a chance to repair things again. Do you see anything in either of our charts that we'll be together again?





Dear Deb,


I am truly sorry to hear of your struggles.


I'm going to answer you from the standpoint of an astrologer who works with people through difficult life situations rather than an astrologer who makes predictions about the future. There are really two issues that I see. One is that I don't think we should be using astrology to take away your power in this situation, somehow putting the solution outside you. The second is a matter of ethics. The decisions of autonomous human beings are involved and I want to respect that.


I have no doubt that some intense transits were going through both of your charts, and many recent events in the Water signs (of which you are both members) may be complicating matters, from an astrological standpoint. With people of the same element, such as water, there can be that "Can't live with them, can't live without them" feeling. Though growth and time can help that. The fact that you are such an emotionally centered person certainly is a factor in your situation.


But two years? That's a long time to wait for someone. One thing that astrology teaches is that life goes on; time marches on; and when one door closes, another usually opens some time in the near future. It sounds like you have not closed this door. And with that, you say you are having some difficulty.


What I have learned from speaking with many people about relationships is that when a relationship will not resolve or let go over a long period of time (and two years, or one full Mars cycle, is a long time in this context), there is likely to be a deeper issue, as yet unnamed. It may be an unresolved issue with a parent that is "masquerading" as the relationship with the lover or former lover. If this rings with a hint of truth, you would be wise to make a personal investigation.


This can be very rich personal growth territory. I see the potential for an important opportunity for you here and I wish you the best.