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Taurus, Saggi, Gemini...?


June 17, 2004


Dear Eric:


I am a Taurus and married to a Saggi, but in love with a Gemini. I have no idea what to do about this. Can you help?





Dear Felicity,


When you say you are married to a Sagittarius and in love with a Gemini, you don't mention being in love with your husband. So part one of the question is what is the nature of your marriage? The answer overall will have a lot to do with that particular question. I imagine there is a bit more to the story than you are saying.


As for being involved with a Gemini, it would seem you have a decision to make about whether you wan to be with this man, and then take the necessary actions to do so.


Given that one is a Gemini and one is a Sagittarius, are you in a situation where one plays to one side of your nature, and the other plays to the other side? Are you trying to decide who you are by choosing one or the other (or both or nether) of these men?


And I'll ask one more question and hopefully not get myself in too much trouble, but have you spoken to your husband about the fact that you're in love with someone else? One conversation could make the whole situation really, really clear. Personally, my definition of a spouse (or friend) is someone to whom you can tell the truth about how you feel, and who you are.