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Delay for Scorpio


June 17, 2004


Dear Eric:


I am a Scorpio with Scorpio in the ascendant. I awaited May 4 with some trepidation. But all passed without any emotional crises. However, June 4 was a personal nightmare. Why is it that a month passed before the effect was felt, how does that work? Or was it just chance?





Dear Lynn,


Hold on while I look up May 4 in my ephemeris to see what you are talking about -- stay right there. Ah yes, a total lunar eclipse, following the April 19 solar eclipse. This answer will be in two parts. Remember, I don't have your natal chart in front of me, so I am speculating to some extent.


Now remember that the whole basis of astrology is that nothing is just a matter of chance. The whole of astrology is based on things happening in their time. That time can't always be predicted, but it can be charted in retrospect.


Part one is that eclipses can have a delayed effect. This goes for all eclipses and I presume all eclipse like critters (Venus transit included). The delayed effect-effect. One month after an eclipse, the New Moon "sets off" the eclipse and we can see another set of effects, or see the effects for the first time.


Part two is that there are likely to be other transits involved. I highly recommend to people who care enough about astrology to check in with this web page every day to get a copy of your natal chart and learn to follow the planets through it. Get a little astrological pocket calendar and learn to use it. It's not so difficult, about as difficult as following a baseball game. Then you can see the transits as they happen, and even before they happen.