Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

At a Crossroads and Needing Advice


June 4, 2004


Dear Eric:


I am at a crossroads and need advice. I am moving out of my boyfriend's, who I've been with for 8 years, as I am not sure where it's going. I'm also finishing my job in June in hope of developing my radio/DJ career. Sometimes it feels like the best decision and other times the worst.


Shannon, Wales



Dear Shannon,


Actually, you sound excited, like you're taking risks that you're finally ready to take. I bet this has been building up for a long time. I'm not looking at your chart, but in astrological terms it sounds to me like the work of Saturn or Pluto -- and in human terms, like you're ready to really live your life instead of your fears. This is a point of no return -- you are describing that distinct feeling of "no turning back." And if that is the case, then don't look back, because it's time to make changes and begin this new and exciting stage of your life. What you risk in uncertainty you gain in potential. As for your relationship: remember, you can only love today, not tomorrow.