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Sometimes "In-Touch" With My Horoscope...


June 4, 2004


Dear Eric:


I have a question: Sometimes I feel incredibly 'in touch' with my horoscope, other times much less so. Why is this? Thanks.


Ross Brooks, Oxford



Dear Ross,


Both people and planets run on natural cycles. It could be that your favourite astrologer is emphasising different things than you are experiencing, and it could be that something is happening in your personal chart that is "over-riding" the more generalised readings that you find in the newspaper. It sounds like you have an interest in astrology that might go beyond the daily horoscope. If so, a very big world of adventure is awaiting you. The way to start is by having your chart done by an astrologer or chart service, or going to an astrology bookshop and getting a book for beginners. But watch out -- you may be hooked.