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Cancer Woman Who is Having a Long Distance Relationship With a Capricorn


June 4, 2004


Dear Eric:


I am a Cancer woman who is having a long distance relationship with a Capricorn. He says he is not seeing anyone else, however, I do not believe him 100%. I do not want to seem over jealous or possessive, but there are doubts.


Annette, Leeds



Dear Annette,


Being jealous is one thing, but having your doubts is another thing. Considering that you are a Cancerian, any astrologer worth their salt will tell you to trust your feelings and instincts first. But totally apart from astrology, you must trust what you feel no matter what anyone else says. You are describing something that sounds like something more than the work of a "suspicious mind." While your partner might not be having an affair, you are having trust issues in this relationship. Trust is nothing if you don't trust yourself. At a certain point you're going to need to do just that and make a decision.