Remember a Day

By Eric Francis

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Free to play alone with time
Evening never came.
Sing a song that can't be sung
Without the morning's kiss

- Pink Floyd

Ascend to summer in the tree
We move above the moving tree
In light upon the figured leaf
And hear upon the sodden floor
Below, the boarhound and the boar
Pursue their pattern as before
But reconciled among the stars.

- T. S. Eliot

YOU COULD SAY that astrology is a spectator sport, but we are all in the game. The same aspects that shape, or portray, the events of the world as we witness them are the same aspects that relate to our lives, as we experience them. The world is a very small place compared to the solar system and the galaxy within which we live. There are elements so vast and prodigious -- the Great Attractor in mid-Sagittarius, for example -- that they render a human body and the planet Earth on about the same scale.

Many people are feeling it. Lives in turmoil, a sense of things moving out of control, enforced changes, many people experiencing an enormous upsurge of fear, and others riding the tide of faith. We are, among other things, getting shot through the particle accelerator known as an eclipse of the Sun, which occurs Sunday at 5:59 pm EST and 10:59 pm GMT.

On our little planet ("a peaceful place, or so it looks from space, a closer look reveals the human race"), we're witnessing an emerging battle of science fiction proportions. In fact, sci-fi writers have warned us about this kind of thing for a long time, the rise of global hegemony in the time of nuclear technology. I can think of many books that have foreshadowed what we're witnessing; Frank Herbert in Dune at least predicted the banning of nuclear weapons. Common sense, you know.

In Hyperion by Dan Simmons, the Hegemony of Earth quickly expands to other worlds, and Old Earth is destroyed (by the Hegemony) in its entirety by having a tiny black hole rammed into it, Sept. 11 style. There are replicas of Old Earth created, but none has the feel or the charm, and they are mostly deserted, like a museum at night.

Both the fundamentalist Christians and the most far-out cosmic school New Agers (the Mayan astrology people, the Ascension people and all their philosophical cousins) are saying about the same thing -- that we are drawing toward the end of history...

We are currently experiencing the onrush of time, coming as an acceleration of history that some are calling the "End of Days." Both the fundamentalist Christians and the most far-out cosmic school New Agers (the Mayan astrology people, the Ascension people and all their philosophical cousins) are saying about the same thing -- that we are drawing toward the end of history, which is a paradox since even in linear time, history (and the Mayan calendar) goes on even after the end.

Few point out that Armageddon theories are a projection of the fear of individual death onto the collective, which is a dreadful sense of fate that's enhanced and made to feel all the more authentic by repression of orgasm.

Right now history is moving very fast and there is some stunning, fast-and-loose manipulation of the historic process in action. Somebody is very impatient and they want to get things over-with, or at least to get on with the show.

Here in the Western world, we have the privilege of our outer lives (at the moment) being more or less supported by the economic structure that draws much of its power from what Dwight Eisenhower described, toward the end of his term (after it was already in place, codified in a document called NSC 68) as the Military-Industrial Complex, the main superstructure of our economic system. In this respect, we all live aboard the Death Star.

That is (fortunately, or not) a level of consciousness that goes well beyond what we're capable of grasping on an everyday level of awareness. Mass consciousness is very difficult to comprehend, and it involves the surrender of individual awareness and decision-making power. We just go along. But as we look for more immediate places to grasp hold of known reality, we can experience directly at least three others: the individual level (what we each feel, think and see that nobody else may experience), the family level (small, karmically and economically bound groups) and the collective level (organizations, corporations, groups of friends, peace marches).

Because of the structure of individual consciousness (how we all perceive and interact with the world through an operating system called the ego [Latin for I]), working with that individual level is critical to determining the quality and course of our experience here. We can tune into our sense of self, our sense of beingness, our sense of purpose, our sense of existence, our sense of necessity, a sense of choice. Some call it personal growth, others call it spiritual growth, I call it awareness (very much in the human potential tradition of the 1970s).

As we live through the intensity, shock, excitement, terror, confusion and beauty of the historical process, and the simultaneous individual process (it's all the same thing, once we wake up to it) the questions I suggest we ask are: How do we feel about it, how are we changing in the midst of the energy, what potential do we see, what choices are we making, what are we learning, what are we afraid of, and -- most important -- how is it shaping our relationships?

You could use a kind of shorthand notation and ask: how are we experiencing and using the astrology?

Today is a big day in world history. The old and the new empires are having a big reunion party. Bush, a cousin of the Windsors, is the first U.S. president (I have read) to make an official state visit to a colonial capital. Somewhat synchronously, the USS Vandergrift made a port of call in Ho Chi Minh City, the first time a United States war ship has visited Vietnam under peaceful conditions. It's a day of reunion (or is it mutual exploitation) of colonies and colonizers. Interesting that the two colonies involved are ones that repeatedly beat down their would-be captors.

I think this is the most important major step in world-rearrangement since the fall of the Berlin wall and the USSR. We are now seeing the consolidation of new battle lines and a permanent new enemy to replace the Communists: allegedly monolithically terrorist Islam.

Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, is again under attack by terrorists as Tony Blair and George Bush use the bombings to make the point that their war is a good thing. (It's a little like drinking. Once you've had the first drink, you might as well keep going.) It has been one month since the beginning of the Ramadan Offensive (which began at the New Moon exactly conjunct Mercury in Scorpio, news of death), which has also expanded the war to Saudi Arabia and brought an increase in ambushes in Iraq. United States forces appear to be retaliating heavily. "In the face of this terrorism there must be no holding back, no compromise, no hesitation in confronting this menace," Blair said today. In other words, we seem to have begun World War III, an uncontained multi-front global war.

I think this is the most important major step in world-rearrangement since the fall of the Berlin wall and the USSR. We are now seeing the consolidation of new battle lines and a permanent new enemy to replace the Communists: allegedly monolithically terrorist Islam.

Equally stunning, George W. Bush said something intelligent, observant and funny: "It was pointed out to me that the last noted American to visit London stayed in a glass box dangling over the Thames,'' he told an audience of academics in London, a reference to magician David Blaine's recent stunt. "A few might have been happy to provide similar arrangements for me.'' That's a nice image.

Meantime -- this just in from our contacts at the protest in London -- 300,000 are marching against the war in central London. The big fountain in Trafalgar Square was dyed red by protestors, giving it the distinct appearance of an official monument to a pool of blood. And police clashed with protestors outside meeting of the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) in Miami. "There's an expectation that something will happen. We'll see," said Miami's chief of police, John Timoney.

The King of Pop is about to surrender his crown to the authorities, the latest casualty of the victim/perpetrator cycle that, if you ask me, appears to be the core human engine of the system of constant global warfare.

(We have no trouble understanding that children who grow up in families of musicians often become musicians, and kids who grow up abused often become abusers. But we don't seem to get that raising children in the constant din of warfare, in societies obsessed by warfare, creates freaked-out adults prone to creating and accepting war as a way of life.)

Written in the Stars

Here are a few aspects from charts between today and Sunday.

Today, Mars (in Pisces) opposes Jupiter (in Virgo). This is the dynamic expression of ideology we are witnessing. Jupiter, planet of wisdom and justice, is in Virgo, critically witnessing the impact of Mars, somewhat given to excesses and addictions in Pisces. Mars is exactly conjunct asteroid Niobe, the queen who wanted to be worshipped as a goddess. Those waging war (symbolized by Mars) apparently aspire to deity status. They need to study some mythology; they're playing a dangerous game.

Those watching critically are somewhat hamstrung in Virgo. We need more than ideas to get us out of this one. Jupiter, for its part, is conjunct Isis. We need to put the pieces together. We have lots and lots of little bitty pieces about the problems we're currently facing, and they need to be assembled carefully so we have a whole picture.

This exact opposition is squared (met at 90 degrees) by Mercury, Pluto, Psyche, Apollo, Vesta and Eros in Sagittarius. These asteroids are gathering around the Great Attractor as if it were a magnet, meeting the Mars-Niobe to Jupiter-Isis opposition with the loudest possible encounter, a square. The Great Attractor, when it's involved, adds a sense of gravity and vast implications to the situations depicted in the planets. It is directly, as in very directly, involved today, and these current events plus these current aspects are pointing to a big lesson in how the Great Attractor works (link to article at bottom).

Square is the word of the day. Sun in Scorpio is square Uranus in Aquarius. This is a nice clear applying square -- it is building now, exact on Nov. 21. Sun is the center of personal consciousness, the big ME in the sky. It is having an abrupt meeting with Uranus, the planet of surprises, groups, inventions and shocking revelations. Expect the unexpected. This is exciting, daring astrology, with Scorpio bringing in the depths of experience and Uranus opening the door to disruption of the prevailing order of consciousness and a shakeup in our sense of self.

This sequence of events is the last hurrah of Uranus in Aquarius. That has been quite the hurrah, overall, spanning April 30, 1995 through December 30, 2003. The birth of the Aquarius Uranus Show was marked in time by an eclipse of the Sun (in Taurus) on April 29, 1995. Now that I look back at the ephemeris, I remember marveling at that synchronicity at the time. Uranus in Capricorn was the "fall of the wall" era, ably assisted by Neptune in Capricorn. (That conjunction was in 1993, and portended a slow-acting crumbling of civilization as we knew it.)

As of Thursday, the Moon is in Libra, heading in for a total eclipse to the Sun on Sunday afternoon.

Mark your brain: Luna enters Scorpio Friday at 7:24 pm Eastern Time. The Sun enters Sagittarius at 12:43 pm Eastern Time Saturday. The Moon enters Sagittarius at 4:02 pm Sunday. The Moon eclipses the Sun two hours later, at 5:59 pm (all times Eastern Standard).

If you're curious, have a look at the government Web page for the eclipse:

NASA says, "This web site has been established for the purpose of providing detailed predictions, maps, figures and information about this important event."

What, in the eyes of astronomy, could possibly be so important about a total solar eclipse that they have to inform the general public about how important it is? After all, it has no meaning (unless you're an astrologer). Okay, you can study the thing with your gadgets. But how many people are going to do that? So they must be referring to astrology.

The eclipse is the singularity, the vortex, the path to the next dimension, and we're about to take a little ride. In fact, we're taking that ride, but it's not at full speed quite yet. Watch events carefully. Check in with the people around you. Watch for those patterns of events, patterns of feelings, messages from dreams. Do what you love that day, do what you want to make more of, that's how eclipses work.

Eclipses are collective events and point to collective thresholds. They happen fast, and they leave a mark on the Earth, and a mark on consciousness. The shadow of this eclipse falls in the lower part of the southern hemisphere, right where there's a big hole in the ozone:

We've got some work to do -- let's get busy.++

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