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"When Adam and Eve took and ate the forbidden fruit,
sin entered the world. Since they sinned against God,
every human being is now born with a sinful nature."
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"Is Sex Okay?"
And Now, a Word from Our Lord

The following excerpt is from CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD,
Book 1, pp.205-208, By Neale Donald Walsch

Copyright ©1997-2000 by N.D. Walsch, all rights reserved.

Editor's Note: The three-part book Conversations With God is a written transcript of a dialog between the author, Neale Walsh, and the inner voice of God responding in his mind. There are a great many works in print channeled from spirit in a variety of manners. I like Conversations With God because it is so direct, because it deals with contemporary issues like sex, technology and pollution, and because Neale is such a normal, cranky, intelligent, ballsy, loving guy who is not afraid to... argue with God! Neale is not special becuase God converses with him; we stand in a constant stream of information from spirit that is accessible at any time. Neale, after embarking on many spiritual and theological searches through his life, had simply reached a point of frustration and that was when he started to ask questions, to demand answers, and to listen. -e.f.

Question by Neale: Is sex okay? C'mon--what is the real story behind this human experience. Is sex purely for procreation, as some religions say? Is true holiness and enlightenment achieved through denial--or transmutation--of the sexual energy. Is it okay to have sex without love. Is just the physical sensation of it okay enough as a reason?

God: Of course it's "okay." Again, if I didn't want you to play certain games, I wouldn't have given you the toys. Do you give your children things you don't want them to play with?

Play with sex. play with it! It's wonderful fun. Why, it's just about the most fun you can have with your body, if you're talking of strictly physical experiences alone.

But for goodness sake, don't destroy sexual innocence and pleasure and the purity of the fun, the joy, by misusing sex. Don't use it for power, or hidden purpose; for ego gratification or domination; for any purpose other than the purest joy and the highest ecstasy, given and shared--which is love, and love recreated -- which is new life! Have I not chosen a delicious way to make more of you?

With regard to denial, I have dealt with this before. Nothing holy has ever been achieved through denial. Your desires change as even larger realities are glimpsed. It is not unusual, therefore, for people to simply desire less, or even, no sexual activity--or for that matter, any of a number of activities of the body. For some, the activities of the soul become foremost--and by far the most pleasurable.

Each to his own, without judgment--that is the motto. The end of your question is answered this way: You don't need to have a reason for anything. Just be cause.

Be the cause of your experience.

Remember, experience produces concept of Self, conception produces creation, creation produces experience.

You want to experience yourself as a person who has sex without love? Go ahead! You'll do that until you don't want to anymore. And the only thing that will--could ever--cause you to stop this, or any, behavior, is your newly emerging thought about Who You Are.

It's as simple--and as complex--as that.

Neale: Why did you make sex so good, so spectacular, so powerful a human experience if all we are to do is stay away from it as much as we can? What gives? For that matter, why are all fun things either "immoral, illegal or fattening"?

God: I've answered the end of this question too, with what I've just said. All fun things are not immoral, illegal, or fattening. Your life is, however, an interesting exercise in defining what fun is.

To some, "fun" means sensations of the body. To others, "fun" may be something entirely different. It all depends on who you think you are, and what you are doing here.

There is much more to be said about sex than is being said here--but nothing more essential than this: sex is joy, and many of you have made sex everything but.

Sex is sacred, too--yes. But joy and sacredness do mix (they are in fact the same thing), and many of you think they do not.

Your attitudes about sex form a microcosm of your attitudes of life. Life should be a joy, a celebration, and it has become an experience of fear, anxiety, "not enough-ness," rage, and tragedy. The same can be said about sex.

You have repressed sex, even as you have repressed life, rather than fully Self expressing, with abandon and joy.

You have shamed sex as you have shamed life, calling it evil and wicked, rather than the highest gift and the greatest pleasure.

Before you protest that you have not shamed life, look at your collective attitudes about it. Four-fifths of the world's people consider life a trial, a tribulation, a time of testing, a karmic debt that must be paid, a school with harsh lessons that must be learned, and, in general, an experience to be endured while awaiting the real joy, which is after death.

It is a shame that so many of you think this way. Small wonder you have applied shame to the very act which creates life.

The energy which underscores sex is the energy which underscores life; which is life! The feeling of attraction and the intense and often urgent desires to move toward each other, to become one, is the essential dynamic of all that lives. I have built it into everything. It is inbred, inherent, inside All That Is.

The moral codes, religious restrictions, social taboos, and emotional conventions you have placed around sex (and, by the way, around love--and all of life) have made it virtually impossible for you to celebrate your being.

From the beginning of time all man has ever wanted is to love and be loved. And from the beginning of time man has done everything in his power to make it impossible to do that. Sex is an extraordinary expression of love--love of another, love of self, love of life. You ought to therefore love it (And you do-you just can't tell anyone you do; you don't dare show how much you love it, or you'll be called a pervert. Yet this is the idea that is perverted.)

In our next book, we shall look at sex much more closely; explore its dynamics in greater detail, for this is an experience and an issue of sweeping implications on a global scale.

For now--and for you, personally--simply know this: I have given you nothing shameful, least of all your very body, and its functions. There is no need to hide your body or its functions--nor your love of them, and of each other.

You television programs think nothing of showing naked violence, but shrink from showing naked love. You whole society reflects that priority." ++

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