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ARIES (March 21-April 19)
There's an expression which says you must give up something for everything you gain, and it's an especially clear message in your solar chart these days. So, using that truism as a guide, I would propose you actively pursue the following exchanges with the universe. Give up your sense of disappointment about what life has offered you in the past in exchange for the idea that great things actually do happen to real people, so they might as well happen to you. Trade in your secret fear that your thinking is too narrow to accomplish brilliant things, in exchange for the sudden realization that to imagine your life as bigger, wider and reaching further, all you need to do is change your mind. And finally, I suggest you swap your lurking sense of feeling gorgeous-but-unappreciated for a long-lasting blast of confidence in your blazing beauty, light and the glorious inspiration of true freedom.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20)
In these ordinary days of miracle and wonder, I would offer this description as a probable map of your life: all the things you fear are exactly where you can keep an eye them, and thus, where they cannot hurt you. All the things you love and desire are hiding around corners, in secret rooms and in the silent dreams you rarely dare to share, thus, where you must seek them out if they are to help you. I also have a notion you're spending a bit of time thinking, "There must be more." Well, this is quite true, and the more that you get is likely to be the more that you want if you both give a clear voice to your anxieties, doubts and gripes, at the same time as you speak up about your deepest desires, values and true intentions. Justice works in strange and beautiful ways, and at the moment, it's very likely to work quite well for you ­ though only if you state your case.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20)
Most people sell themselves short on at least two counts in life. One is compromising in the place where secret dreams meet actual ambitions, especially where some idea of one's talent is concerned; simply, most people fall for the lie that they're not good enough to be whatever they want to be, and then they attempt to compromise and try to be happy doing something else. The second grand mistake is assuming that our real gifts and talents are not going to be rewarded by the culture. This would be a rather inopportune week for you to fall for any such self-fulfilling prophecies of doom, because the stars rarely ever blaze out with the idea of SUCCESS in such vivid language. If, in particular, there was something you really wanted to do or be as a kid that you were specifically told you could not, I highly recommend this as the week to do it, start it or get the plan onto paper. The world will notice.

CANCER (June 21-July 22)
I doubt I could get any Harvard history professors to agree with me, but there remains some question as to whether the alchemists of ancient days were actually able to work out their formulas and turn lead into gold. The modern rational mind, by definition, must be certain that this is ridiculous. But the mind that can let go of itself for long enough to enter the space where all things are possible, and where all possibilities are necessary, can experience the universe from a very different point of view. "From lead to gold" would mean from heavy to light; from dull to bright; from highly toxic to perfectly safe; from almost worthless to highly valuable; from grudgingly conducting electricity, to letting it fly through your wires; from weak and overly-flexible, to workable and extremely durable. This would all be you, and the formula is fairly simple: for the next few days, notice every time when your thoughts deceive, but feelings tell the truth.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22)
No doubt you feel shaken up by recent turns of events and what seem to be enforced changes. While what happened was clearly visible in the stars, another fact prevails: the heavens do not stand still for a moment, and even the Sun, your ruling planet and the seemingly fixed center of all astrological psychology, in truth must orbit the galactic center. At this point in time, staying in motion will serve you a lot better than staying still, whether it's the motion of an airplane, the subtle movement of faith, or the wisdom and art of allowing no idea of this world to be set in stone.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sep. 22)
It's important that you keep your temper when attempting to resolve possible disagreements or difficulties in your home. Current aspects by no means point to guaranteed disagreement, anyway, but challenges, friction and sudden events are very likely to pepper your week with some unusual contacts with the people close to you. In particular, keep an eye out for dynamics that seem suspiciously parent-child in nature, such as situations in which you feel you're coming under someone else's authority. As a Virgo, you are surely accustomed to working with the equation that consciousness is power; this week, it will be your job to pay attention where everyone else is acting out assorted patterns from the past. Don't worry, by the way; it gets better.

LIBRA (Sep. 23-Oct. 22)
If what should rightfully be your brilliant "luck" in love keeps getting snagged on somebody's rough edges or unresolved issues, I suggest you be patient for a few more weeks while remembering to have all the fun you can right now. The matter may be as simple as now being the time to make new friends, explore new lovers, and moreover, expand your idea of what it means to be in relationship by meeting people who themselves have expanded ideas about relationships. From the looks of things, there should be no shortage of such people, but I don't recommend you spend your days banging your head against anyone who has proven to be difficult or disappointing in the past. You have much better options.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 22)
Inventors, researchers, scientists and detectives often work within discovery processes they do not ­ indeed, cannot ­ fully understand. On the way to knowledge, there are many mysteries encountered, and often good information can point more clearly to what is not known than what is known for sure. If it seems like some important elements of your life are scattered or lacking meaning, I propose that you not worry, but rather proceed along the path you're on, gathering information and, it would seem, gathering questions. If it's any reassurance, I suspect you're heading straight for some kind of major discovery or breakthrough that will be likely to change the course of your life, but it's still too soon to know the details, or even speculate about the possibilities.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21)
If on some level, you feel that there is something genuinely at a point of beginning about your whole life, I would suggest that this is a very accurate perception. Beginnings of any kind will be greatly rewarded for you now, so enter them with confidence. In the spheres of mystical astrology, there is a symbol which summarizes your place on the path at this time. It is the image of a woman emerging from the sea, and as she does so, a seal is waiting on the shore to embrace her; those familiar with mythology will notice the relationship to the Venus myth, and indeed, the mighty goddess of love and abundance is among the beings blessing your life right now. The translation of this image is that as you emerge from a vast or isolating space in which you may have lost identity or self-consciousness, the moment that consciousness is re-gained, you can stand up on dry land, and get to encounter aspects of yourself or of life that are very different, very real, and were perhaps long-forgotten.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
By now you must have noticed the changes, or rather, definite improvements, in some of the very personal aspects of your life, and you are now entering what I would call a time of contained jubilation. The container is something akin to your personal space: your emotions, your home, your sense of self and especially your sense safety. So, live it up in there, feel the security of the life you've built, remembering that this is not a wild time, not an especially unpredictable time, but a dependable time of being content in your feelings and in your surroundings. It may take some practice to get back in shape, but from the looks of your solar chart, I kind of doubt it. After the long, difficult dry spell, the seemingly endless winter that may have isolated you from so many people, I'm sure you'll appreciate hearing these words.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 19-Feb. 18)
There are two kinds of revolutions. In one variety, people who want change rise up and demand, create and enforce new ways of doing things. The other variety of revolutionary proceeds through life steadily and consciously in his or her own unique way, and in the process, gets a lot done and sets an example of authentic individuality. These days in particular, you are quite adept at being the second kind of revolutionary ­ I should say an Aquarian revolutionary ­ and more than you may know is carried along with the current you create while moving through the universe. If you look closely at the lives that surround you, you just might notice this phenomenon, but for the moment I suggest that you really appreciate certain facts of your existence, such as the uncompromising attitudes you possess, and the simple, clear message that your life puts forth to all who may be listening.

PISCES (Feb. 19-Mar. 20)
One of my clients, a Pisces, has been searching through the horoscope columns on the Internet looking for information about Jupiter's recent transit from Pisces to Aries. Basically, he learned from his survey that some astrologers have been warning all the fish people that this transit marked the end of the once-every-12-years Pisces good luck streak, and that if you hadn't started all your important projects before the planet of luck and fortune left your sign, you were screwed. Now, I would note that you didn't read that kind of nonsense here (and, incidentally, you didn't read it over at Real Astrology either), because it's not true. First of all, life is what you make it. But hey, Jupiter in Aries is a very nice thing; any planet going into Aries is significant, because Aries is the point of cosmic beginnings. Jupiter, as co-ruler of Sagittarius, likes the impetuous, bold sign of the Ram. Aries is the beginning. Aries is fire and passion. And Aries is the second solar house of Pisces, and that is about wealth and value, and Jupiter quite reliably expands things. Such as Venus, who's just joined the party. Any complaints?

THE THIRTEENTH SIGN (For the Faithful)
Whoever came up with the expression, "The only thing constant is change," must have been an astrologer or a token clerk. As a young student of the work, the continual state of progress can be pretty amazing, and just as daunting; everything is always moving, changing, becoming and developing. Recent weeks have brought the last two eclipses prior to the long-anticipated Aug. 11, 1999 total solar eclipse in Leo, as well as the sign change of Jupiter (into Aries) and, next, Saturn (which transits into Taurus on March 1). While in the greater realm of things these are not Earth-shaking astrological events, they represent a progression of feeling, tone and energy of world affairs. Many of us have gripes about life, large or small; many of us would have things be different if we could. Let it roll for all it's worth. ++

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