For Feb. 12, 1999
The Aquarius Solar Eclipse is Feb. 16 at 6:39 am GMT.

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ARIES (March 21-April 19)
In astrology, the 8th and 9th houses represent the process of deep, dark inner transition, completion of which then leads into the state of actual worldly knowledge and faith in justice. Yet there are some people who never emerge from the tumultuous space of self-recreation, and others who attempt to jump into the world of spiritual wisdom without having endured a real personal transformation. What's clear is that you are very powerfully connected to both processes, for now and for the foreseeable future. This means you can ease back and forth between making major inner adjustments, and then experimenting with your newly invented states of self in the outer environment of work, play and relationships. And because you're really free, for a refreshing change it makes no difference what anybody else thinks.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20)
The only things in this world holding you back are a few of your out-dated ideas about power. In case you are curious about this, I suggest you structure part of your investigation along these lines: Power is almost always perceived as something we "have" in the outer world. But in reality, it's something we possess through a root connection to who we really are, which can then grow like a tree into the world of what we are becoming. In my opinion, sticking with the tree metaphor, if you want to feel strong and be in a position to accomplish beautiful things, be like a willow. Grow downward toward water with such force that your roots crack open steel pipes, but sway in the breeze like nothing could ever harm you.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20)
If astrology is any indicator of things, one of the most sure-fire ways for you to find peace, serenity and the ability to make progress in your life is going to be overdosing on beauty for the next week, in your own home, if you can arrange it. Art and music are potent catalysts of consciousness; creating art and music are even more so. Given the meaningful galactic energies being stirred up by the coming solar eclipse in your sympathetic sign Aquarius, the simplest way to put it is that any act of creation is an act of self-creation. Appreciating tone, light, color, form, shape and most of all nuance of emotion are acknowledgements of who you are inside.

CANCER (June 21-July 22)
The light of the Sun is direct, clear, and potentially blinding. The light of the Moon, your ruling planet, is soft, reflected, and many times during the month, quite invisible. But moonlight has a feeling, a psychic quality, with which you are attuned merely by virtue of being a Cancarian. And in the coming days, this invisible light will bathe the world, which is very good for you. I suggest you go into any situation in your life pretending you're a great clairvoyant, and read the circumstances, symbols and facts in the most intuitive possible way. Valuable information is available, though I forgot to mention that one of the tricks to being a great clairvoyant is trusting what you perceive.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22)
You are currently in what could be described as a kind of psychic communication blackout. It's as though all your usual feedback mechanisms providing data from the world or universe have gone blank, immersing you deep into your inner world. I have said before that this year is one of changes and adjustments so profound that there are barely words to describe it; but you are now in an excellent position to become exceedingly clear about what needs to be on your personal agenda, and to guide the process of evolution in those necessary directions. Neither astrology nor life are about "fate." Fate is a made-up concept used to explain what we do not understand. Usually, it's better to stay in a space of not knowing rather than pretend knowledge, because then when the authentic revelation lights up your mind, there will be no false beliefs to cast shadows.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sep. 22)
There are some aspects of your life that are as good as it gets right now, and miraculously so. Much of the trick of negative thinking is that a kind of false continuity is maintained between the past and the future, hence, many people never seem to get out of their self-destructive mental ways. For you, this is a moment of breaking that continuity, simply by noticing who and what are around you right now, and letting yourself take a lot of good, deep breaths of this unusual freedom the world is granting you to be yourself. The deeper you go into this space, the longer you'll be able to stay here, and the more you will find.

LIBRA (Sep. 23-Oct. 22)
The chart for an eclipse in your fellow air sign Aquarius points to changes, or more accurately, improvements in every aspect of your life, though it also reveals some hesitancy about how daring you'll have to be to let this all be real. In a world where about 97% of the population lives, eats and breathes fear, and where nihilistic pessimism is the dominant world philosophy, yes, it may take some guts to decree that your life really is the product of love. Or, it just takes living with one's eyes, ears and mind open to reality, and making the more bold choice to let go of your old friend pain. This would be a great time.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 22)
With the last solar eclipse before the mighty event of Aug. 11, 1999 occurring in just a few days, I suggest you spend some time this weekend in navigation mode. Good navigational technique starts with one very important question: Where am I right now? Start with your physical location. Feel yourself in your body. Consider who the important people in your life are, and how you feel about them. Consider what you do with your precious days. Consider how long you have lived, and where that places you in your life-cycle today. My reading on the extraordinary astrology of the coming days is that if you identify these basic facts, you will be told everything else you need to know.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21)
Over these next few days, your ruling planet Jupiter sweeps through the mysterious final degrees of the zodiac and is reborn into the fiery sign Aries. In the 12-year cycle of your life, this marks the first day of spring. Coming as this does on the eve of an eclipse, the potential is that you can use these days as a time to set a positive energy pattern for a considerable period of your life. My suggestion: forget your cares. Practice, in a very conscious way, feeling safe on the planet, in your home, in your bed, in your car and in your life. Give your mind a rest, and don't worry ­ all of your brilliant ideas will still be there when it comes time to express or play with them, which will be soon.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
This an excellent time for something I the lives of Capricorns, but I am still searching the cosmic databases for just what that would be. With Saturn, your ruling planet, so well aspected to next week's solar eclipse, traditional astrology would suggest that you have the potential to reach the millions with your ideas, if that is what you want to do. Though I would guess that your cares are much more deeply personal right now, and if you find yourself on a quest to discover one thing in particular about yourself, one thing that is bothering you or that you are certain needs adjusting, I would propose that you're right on the trail to the truth of what that is.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 19-Feb. 18)
I write to you here on the cusp of some great leaps of evolution in your life. Because astrology is always moving, the ever-present theme is change; but there are those concentrated moments in which especially great progress can be mediated. As on-the-edge as this all may feel, you're actually in a far more stable position than you may realize, and you will not be called upon to sacrifice anything that is currently serving your greater good. To the contrary, sometimes the greatest revolution takes the form of what remains whole while everything else is blowing in the wind.

PISCES (Feb. 19-Mar. 20)
A variety of factors are shaping up to make this one of the most meaningful times in your life, or surely in the past 12 years. With each of the signs, I have interpreted out of the charts what I feel is the most creative use of this pivotal time for making choices and setting patterns, known astrologically as an eclipse. For Pisces, this involves consciously envisioning your highest ideals, goals and desires, and knowing that just by holding these thoughts clearly in your mind, you are growing into making them real. Though you may have already been doing this for a while, I predict that in the next week you will have at least one major confirmation that you are heading in precisely the right direction.

THE THIRTEENTH SIGN (For the Faithful)
Tuesday's eclipse of the Sun takes place in the 28th degree of Aquarius, making a close angle to Saturn, the ruler of that sign. Eclipses often blow in with all kinds of weirdness, but my take is that even in the midst of some of the most wild developments that are surely possible in these days of revelation, we're all actually standing on solid ground and can therefore trust the process of accelerated change that is afoot. For astrology students familiar with the Sabian symbols, the degree of this eclipse is represented by the message: "A tree felled and sawed to ensure a supply of wood for the winter." Translation: Intelligent foresight. You're doing fine.

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