To fully comprehend the environmetal disaster at SUNY's College at New Paltz, you have to walk across the campus and see it for yourself. The laboratory statistics and the cost estimates, while shocking, don't tell the story.

To step across a lawn or through a puddle is to fear picking up deadly contaminants -- some of the worst known to humanity: PCBs, dixoins and dibenzofurans.

Police lines are marked with yellow tape across a dozen buildings, some of which may never open again. The wind is the loudest sound. Around every corner is a new strange sight, whether it's a building draped in plastic, a cluster of fifty chemical waste drums, or a row of kiddie polls where the 22 victims of contamination were scrubbed down the morning of the fires.

In front of the magnificent backdrop of Mohonk Mountain, hazardous material crews, sealed in white "moon suits" with self-contained breathing apparatus, work silently outside a dorm where your friends used to live.

-- Student Leader News Service
editorial, Jan. 20, 1992

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