Thank you everyone...


.....Writing is usually considered a solitary task, and often it is, but for most writers it would be impossible if not for substantial help. The efforts and generosity of many of my friends have made this project possible over the past year, and I want to acknowledge a few of them here.

.....First there is Allan Rousselle, who once served as my assistant at Generation magazine fifteen years ago at SUNY Buffalo, and who has supplied computer equipment, ideas (i.e., "get an internet account"), creative encouragement, and more; there is Neal McDonough, whom I've known for an age or two, and who provided a home for the project and its writer for a year, and took lots of the beautiful erotic photos on the page; Keiko Ito, who manifested one day bearing many gifts from across seas and continents; Maria Henzler, who has contributed much photography and daring modeling for your eyes, and who has hashed out more astrology with me than you (or she) would care to imagine -- and who has gone onto astrology school in Berlin; Via Keller, who appeared out of the ethers with many pieces of her artwork; Rob Brezsny, who has promoted my work, sent many clients, and helped put Planet Waves on the map, as well as his intrepid assistant, Gretchen Giles; Jennifer Blue for helping with my own Planetary Madness; Steve Bergstein, because every professional troublemaker should have a great buddy who's a kick-ass civil rights lawyer; and many, many other freaks and cousins whose efforts and gifts have really made a difference.

.....I send gratide and blessings to Connie Perham, whose ideas and efforts are taking Planet Waves to whole new galaxies. I send as many thank yous as this page has hits to Robb and Luci at, on whose server this page resides. Thanks to Peggy in Woodstock for keeping things moving during my seemingly endless absences from The Shire.

.....If you are my client, I want to thank you for your optimism, insights and your desire to be free, and for "shopping here." And I owe much gratitude to my readers, for all of your love notes and attentiveness to the affairs of the world, and of the heart. If you are one of the people who helped teach me astrology, I take full responsibility for everything. If you're one of my editors, Praise the Goddess. If you're in the accounts payable office, Praise God, the Goddess and all the Saints. If you're Betty Dodson, thank you for that golden key. If you're Joseph Trusso, thank you for reminding me about something called Ethos, or what you could call the golden flame. If you're Juan Carlos, thanks ever so kindly for the little room by the sea. If you are in my newborn circle of friends at South Florida Poly, hello, hello, hello.

.....There is someone named Betka, who appeared one day with a lot of valuable information I had not quite considered. Chris Grosso tuned in, and rekindled the fires of A Course in Miracles in my life, and is becoming one of my most beloved friends in history. There is Angelo, whose backpack and Sicilian brotherhood have followed me around the world. And someone named Lynette, who could only be described in a brilliant novel or a great painting, and barely at that.

.....And thanks, Dad, Justin, Joan, Ginger, Dick McDonough, the artist currently known as Rebo, and all the dogs, cats and fish, for your love and faith and flood relief.

Aunt Josie Forever!