Planet Waves | Transcending Consciousness by Carol Burkhart


"We are not primarily biological, with mind emerging as a kind of iridescence, a kind of epiphenomenon at the higher levels of organization of biology. We are, in fact hyperspatial objects of some sort which cast a shadow into matter. The shadow in matter is our physical organism."

--Terence McKenna

Mayan Cosmology:
Transcending Consciousness

By Carol Burkhart
Planet Waves Digital Media. Illustration by Carol.

The legacy left to us by the Mayan day keepers was their amazing ability to track the multitude of interconnecting astrological, astronomical and galactic cycles of time and space. The Mayans were experts in their ability to blend scientific knowledge with the mythic and archetypal realm of non-ordinary reality. What they knew thousands of years before our modern day physics was that time is not linear, that time bends and has the capacity to fold in on itself. Even today there are many unanswered questions of who these mysterious time trackers were. The answers to what these calculations mean will continue to fill bookstores and websites with hundreds of pages of speculations, but the only real way to learn about the Maya is to let them teach us. The tools they have left can, if we allow, help us to work with a galactic language that can poke through these spirals and dimensional bends in time. It is not about tuning into what we know as our shadow aspects here on earth, it is about tuning into the abyss and redefining every inch of it.

We have reached a stage in our cyclic growth that has been predicted for eons. The Mayan prophecies speak of great shifts between now and 2012 signifying the end of a great cycle, the end of time as we know it. This is not about catastrophe; it is about the inner transformation of becoming masters of our own energy, of movement/measure or time/space. When we hear of the great earth changes and polar shifting it is perhaps a metaphor for the balancing of our own inner polarities, of our need to become more flexible, more integrated and deeply grounded in who we are, even if we haven't a clue of who that is at any given moment.

Over the last several years we have experienced many auspicious planetary alignments, eclipses, comets, solar events that seem to be preparing us for something. It seems much of the processing is to learn how to manage our energy as multidimensional beings in a whole new universe of possibilities. The idea of 'multidimensional' can hold whatever meaning you'd like, what is important is that we continue to remain open and aware. Our own inner process is a great teacher. To begin with there is the process of becoming conscious of our incompetence, of our lack of real knowledge/knowing so we can therefore learn how to 'see' beyond our ego. The ego will die trying to define reality. The more we try to make sense of it the less we know about what is really happening. It's not what we think, its NEVER what we think. We spin our futuristic stories of what we "believe" and try to divine what will "be". Being in a state of grace, of joy, of love is the pure potential of NOT KNOWING and having that be enough.

What we are talking about here is not a linear pattern that can be seen with the eyes or felt with the senses. The whole concept of the Mayan calendar and Galactic time tracking is lost if we try to anchor it into our old thought processes. We not only are required to think outside of the box, we must take a look at the possibilities of a new box, or not a box at all, a new structure of our own creation. There is an omni directional anchoring that happens when we shift our assemblage point from this reality to that. From linear thought processes to the non-linear spiral that space-time is. As the shaman Don Juan says (through author Carlos Castaneda), Clarity is one of the four evils. What we think or perceive is limited and limiting until we move our focus into the space between. To know what IS, we must know what IS NOT. To live between the two is to live from what the Toltec shamans term as the nagual or the true self.

To fully enter this state of mastery involves a complete integration of forces. This is why this current synchronization of cycles is very significant. It is akin to working with both the sidereal and the tropical astrological chart, it is in this integration that we have an opportunity to use the cycles of Mayan time to bring our incarnational, galactic and soul selves into harmony. What challenges us can be our greatest teacher. We learn to manage our energetics on the physical plane when it is tested. The next several years will bring about important teachings. It is important that we are clear and are open. What we don't know could fill several thousand universes but when we draw from the clarity that has no attachments, that functions apart from any of the "known" reality, the tonal-- we will begin to function according to our true power as universal citizens.

This technique of shifting our awareness is exactly the reason why the Ancient Mayan timekeepers worked with the integration of many calendar cycles. Each cycle reflects an area of manifested reality. The fractal, the seedling as in the game of concentration, it is one piece/one view of the puzzle that reflects the whole, or hologram. What is needed to complete the picture is how capable our consciousness is of being open to new areas of thinking. We must ask ourselves, through what context are we viewing our reality? What helps us define who we are and where we are going? Is it the past, the future, or what is happening right here, right now?

Tuning in

The next thirteen days (May 26 through June 7) of the Sacred Tzolkin calendar marks the end of a cycle in our current galactic pulsation of time. The energy of the 13 day cycle is a spiraling process of creation that moves us from the non-physical to the physical and back again. These 13 days represent 13 numbers, tones or frequencies which hold a beingness, an intention, a possibility. Nothing can be manifest until a consciousness or awareness gives it a form and a creationary purpose. As time and space are limitless we move through the pulsation of 13 on many levels; thirteen seconds, minutes, hours, months, years, centuries. The great long count calendar cycle that ends on December 21, 2012 is the 13th Baktun. One Baktun is equal to 144,000 days or around 400 (395) years. Thirteen Baktun's make up one great cycle and are a period of around 5200 (5125) years or 260 times 20 years. Working with the cycle of 13 times 20 helps to recapitulate the meaning of these greater cycles of time.

In the next few weeks there are many opportunities to work with these galactic frequencies to get a sense of how the cycles of the Mayan calendar works. The first step in Mayan timekeeping is to begin to work with the 260 day calendar cycle, called the Tzolkin, pronounced Soul-Keen. This "template" of 13 x 20 makes up a period of gestation or 9 months of 260 sacred and unique days. What was impregnated in our consciousness 260 days ago is now ready to be birthed, this all will begin to become clear in the next 13 days as we prepare for the new cycle. As Jupiter conjoins Saturn and the sacred Tzolkin cycles from one gestation cycle to another we will all be feeling the shifting sands and the urge to move into new directions.

In the calendar each day is represented by a sacred symbol or glyph. There are a total of 20 of these symbols or glyphs. These symbols express a dimension of consciousness that sets the flavor or energy of the day. These energies are expressed through the individual and can be felt in very personal ways as well as on a collective level. There will always be a commonality to the days energies and depending on what day you were born and the glyph that represents this day you will feel and respond to the galactic flow on many different levels.

In the following dates I have marked both of the Traditional and 'Dreamspell' calendar cycles. Anchoring the traditional pulse and tracking the dreamspell day/kin in parentheses. For instance, the first day of the pulse of Lamat correlates with Etznab in the dreamspell. These two glyphs are polar opposites and for the next four years the two counts will synchronize and help to work through the opposing and challenging issues that are symbolized here.

There are many Mayan calendars that are used for different purposes with these two, the traditional 'Classic' and 'Dreamspell' counts being the most commonly known. One reason to follow and track both the traditional and Dreamspell calendar cycles is that each of these counts reveals an area of manifested reality. The ancient Maya have used the traditional count as an almanac for thousands of years. The dreamspell count is a method of tracking the Mayan cycles that has been made popular by Jose Arguilles, author of "The Mayan Factor". These two 'pulses' or 13 day 'weeks' are roughly 52 days apart. Fifty-two works within the harmonic cycling of the calendar and precessional cycles (5 x 52 = 260, 5 x 5200 =26,000). This allows for a harmonic flow of one cycle with the other.

The calendar represents a dimensional matrix beyond time and space and there are many way as to how we can work with these energies. I offer an interpretation that blends various correspondences; an interpretation based on the levels as I have perceived them. When we begin to use the calendar and connect to the consciousness that is present within this archetypal realm, we will learn from a limitless source. In other words, if we are willing, this inner/timeless realm of the calendar will begin to teach us to teach ourselves. As with all vibrational frequencies you can expect the activation of a multidimensional consciousness. Be open, be 'awareness' and watch how many levels the information comes through. This is a devise that can teach you in a very conscious way about your relation to the universe and perhaps that's all you need to know.

Galactic Currents- May ­ June, 2000

The pulse of Lamat means rabbit and Ahau has the meaning of sun or ancestors. . The rabbit is known for its creationary energies; procreation, sexuality, etc. The Mayans linked the rabbit to the moon and the lunar cycle. The two counts, the traditional and the 'dreamspell' synchronize to connect to our highest goals and possibilities. This can be a challenging time of facing some hidden truth that we have buried or a old emotional issue that will come up. The challenge here to be worked on is speaking our truth and not holding on to old hurts. We have the ability to re-cast the past. Learning to love without ego is a key. This is the last cycle of the 13 x 20 pulses and signifies the ending of the 260 Tzolkin, 'gestation cycle. All cycles are endings and new beginnings, but first, what must we let go?

What we have been trying to manifest, whether we were aware of it or not is coming to fruition during these last 13 days. And with Saturn and Jupiter conjuncting during this pulse we are gifted with opening into the past/present/future and the micro and macro cycles of time. The coming together of Saturn and Jupiter signifies a cycle of 20, one that is very important in the cycle of the Mayans. Twenty days is the completed cycling of the 20 sacred glyphs or suns, 20 years is a Katun (7200 days) in the long count calendric system. There are some who believe that it is the Jupiter Saturn cycles that measure the ending of the great cycle in the calendar.

Whatever we choose to believe or intend to manifest in our lives will be measured by our own inner process. Using the cycles of Mayan time is but one tool to help us re-connect to those lost fragments of our true selves. Take a moment to reflect on what is happening and what has happened in your life over that last 260 days. This cycle will in many cases reflect a series of changes that can be explained in the process of working with the Mayan calendar cycles. Paying attention to the 13 day x 20 'weeks' will help to synchronize the mind to a galactic rhythm. Use the time wisely and see what manifests in the coming sacred year.

In this pulse of time the days to watch for are:

LAMAT-AHAU (May 26- June 7, 2000)

May 26- Lamat (Etznab)-- Last Quarter Moon

#1- HUN ­Pure potential

This day marks a new beginning, where intention is everything, what do you want to start today begin it, NOW! The symbol of Lamat is a creation energy and brings forth a special flavor to this date of beginnings and endings. In this pulse we are going to feel this as an opening and releasing on many levels. Today's last quarter moon will encourage us to release whatever is holding us back from our true intention, our true self. Allowance is the key here.

May 27- Muluc (Cauac)
#2- CA (Separation and polarity)

Today in the count is a day of polarity and represents a challenge to yesterday's creation energies. This date is named Muluc, meaning rain or moon. Muluc is primarily a lunar energy and can deal with karmic issues. Our current lunar cycle is moving through pisces where the nebulous past will most likely be in need of attention this day. Muluc is a purifying force and much can be processed and cleared. The challenge is Cauac, meaning storm or thunder being. Pay attention to how we communicate our desires, our feeling our emotions. Things could get hot. If you have done the work and have no resistance to change, enjoy the days energies, Muluc (Cauac) will be easy for you.

May 28- Oc (Ahau)
#3- OX- (Spirit and Movement)

Today Jupiter and Saturn meet for their 20 year cyclic dance with destiny. With Jupiter and Saturn meeting in Taurus we will be asked to take a look at who and what we value in our lives. Watch what you are clinging to for it will stay with you for a long time.

In the dreamspell it is 1 Ahau and marks the beginning of this 13 day pulse. Ahau (Oc) has to do with the ancestors. In Mayan cosmology 1 Ahau means sun and in some accounts is the solar lord, Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent. Oc means dog and has to do with our connectivity to others. Today we are activating the energies of the creative force of friendship, loyalty and enlightenment. As the pulse of time moves into the realm of spirit we are asked to bring into awareness what it means to shed light within our community, through our love and caring for one another. Learn to be a beacon to others without expectation. You can learn a lot from a dog such as loving with out asking for anything in return. The best advise here is to pay attention to our attachments. Don't let the past bite you in the butt. Move forward with every ounce of energy.

May 29 - Chuen (Imix)-- Balsamic Moon
#4- CAN (Definition and Form)

Todays lunar cycle of the Balsamic moon is all about looking ahead just as the pulsation moves to the tone of four. Here we are asked to define our intention. It is a day that activates the four directions, what you want to manifest begins to take form. Chuen is symbolized by the playful monkey or dolphin. What challenges Chuen is Imix, which is symbolized by the dragon or crocodile, the force within ourselves that kept to the waters of life, staying in the primordial state of evolution. It is a primal creation energy of that which comes from the depths of our beingness. The inner child of the monkey, Chuen will want to play, dance, have fun with life, if this is something that is missing in your life, go for it! On this day anything is possible. Chuen can also be a 'trickster' energy so try to keep a sense of humor about things.

May 31 - Ben (Akbal)
# 6- UAC (Time and space)

On day six we begin to feel the natural rhythms. Take some time out today to flow with the essence energies. Ben has to do with our connection to the angelic realm, which is challenged by the dreamtime world of Akbal. In the dreamspell, 4 Akbal opens a portal into our dream reality, bringing form and definition to these inner realms. Pay attention to your dreams. This will be a good day to work with any vibrational therapy that helps you to get in touch and work through with your own inner processes.

June 2 - Men (Chicchan)--New Moon
#8- VAXAC (Integrity and galactic consciousness)

Today is a good time to reassess what you are trying to manifest. The new moon will help you to connect and open up to the energy of new beginnings. Make sure that what you are trying to create is really what you want. The pulse will take you into the galactic realms with the energies of Men (chicchan) as a visionary force to contend with. Men is the power of the mind and is challenged by the kundalini power of the celestial serpent, Chicchan. The integration of these two forces is Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, and connects the power of our body with our mind. A very powerful day, use it wisely, allow todays energies of transcendant consciousness and the planetary eagle eye of Men to be the beacon to help move you forward.

June 7 -Ahau (Oc)
#13- OX LAHUN (Ascension)

For the next two days the veils will be thinning due to the 'portal' energies in both the traditional and dreamspell calendar. This day opens a portal to release the past (13 Ahau)
It is a time to let go and be open anchor within the center of yourself. Ahau is all about enlightenment and today will fuel your abilities to move forward in whatever endeavor holds your lions heart. (re-read what was written on May 28th for more insights into the Ahau/Oc polarity) Most importantly, learn to re-cast the past, be open and don't let any of it hold you back!

June 8 - Imix (Chuen)-- First Quarter Moon
#1 ­HUN (Back to source)

Today opens a portal to the future. This is the first day of the new 260 day pulse. Time for a new beginning, a time be receptive to source and make a new start. The power of pure potentiality is at an all time high. The first Quarter moon urges you to act and Imix, the primordial dragon/crocodile will be coming from its watery depths of source to move you into a new direction. And as the our de-evolutionary cousin, the monkey says, "Don't go back, Don't go back!"

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